How to Create Thesis Statement Outline and Revise It


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Thesis Statement Outline

Thesis Statement Outline

Thesis statements are the foundation of every essay you write. They're the first words your readers read, and they set the tone for major points you write. That's why it's so important to get your thesis right with a good outline.

However, not all thesis statements are the same. They differ depending on the type of essay you're writing. Also, the lengths and structure of your work can impact the thesis statement. But all thesis statements have one thing in common: to make the point you're writing in a piece clear and concise.

If you're struggling to find a topic of your thesis statement and how to outline your thesis statement, we are here to help. Read a step-by-step guide below on outlining and editing a thesis statement and why you need to hire My Homework Writer to polish your piece.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a strong statement that indicates the writer's position on a topic. They also show the writer's argument, position, and intent to prove in the writing process.

The thesis statement for a good paper should be clear, concise, and interesting. It can appear anywhere in the paper, but the most effective way to write it in research is to put it in the introduction.

A thesis statement is like a signpost that guides readers on the main topic that the writer intends to discuss through an essay. This one-sentence claim tells the readers what to expect and the scope of different ideas presented in the body paragraphs.

What Is the Difference Between A Thesis Statement and a Topic Sentence?

A lot of people confuse the terms thesis statement and topic sentence. While a topic sentence is part of a larger thesis statement, it is not the entire thing. However, you can understand what both are by looking at their definitions.

A topic sentence is "the sentence in an essay or paragraph that states its main idea." In other words, it's the most basic element of a paragraph that captures its central idea. A topic sentence is always found at the beginning of a paragraph and never inside one, as it isn't strong enough to carry entire paragraphs by itself.

A thesis statement is much more complex than a topic sentence, and it doesn't have to be found in just one specific part of an essay or article. It's made up of two parts—a claim and a reason—and they work together to form an entire paper's central idea and purpose. A thesis statement can be made up of multiple sentences or paragraphs as long as they all relate to the main idea of the piece.

Is It A Must To Have Thesis Statement In a Paper?

A thesis statement is an integral part of academic essay writing. It is a position on the topic and generally what your essay entails. While there are no specific rules that say every essay needs one, most essays do have one. Depending on their purpose, a statement can be used in many different types of writing, including research papers, term papers, reports, essays, and dissertations.

Here are three main benefits of having a thesis statement:

Establishing importance in a topic

Thesis statements help to establish the importance of your topic. Your topic will set the tone for your entire essay: if you have chosen a broad topic, you can expect your essay to be general; if you have chosen a narrow topic, you can expect an in-depth analysis of the subject matter.

Summarizing the topic

A statement also gives your readers ideas of what they can expect from reading your essay. If your readers do not find something surprising or new in your writing, it means that you have failed to convince them that your arguments are valid.

Allowing logical disagreements

including a thesis statement lets, you set up an argument with the opposition's point of view directly in contrast with yours. You can then use logical reasoning and evidence to show why the opposing side is incorrect while proving why you are correct.

How to Create Thesis Statement Outline

Every student faces the challenge of creating a thesis outline at one point in their academics. Whether it's a college essay you write, your instructor will recommend having a strong thesis for all the major topics.

An outline is critical since it convinces your audience that the argument is correct. So if you write about how to prevent youth gang involvement in politics, the statement should pragmatically bring about the major point.

Every thesis outline comprises three main parts: the topic sentence, evidence of support, and conclusion. Each part of your outline is as important as the others. All three generate a clear thesis statement based on your research.

The Topic Sentence

The topic sentence is a concise statement that defines the focus of your essay. It tells your audience what you're going to discuss in the body of your essay. For example, on how to prevent youth gang involvement in politics above, you may consider detailing the prevention and intervention programs and early prevention programs that can help mitigate the rapid growth of youth gangs at every stage.

The primary aim of the thesis sentence is to give unity to the research paper or entire essay by ensuring logical order. On the flipside, topic sentences suggest one major point for every paragraph and how they connect to the general ideas in the essay.

The Evidence of Support

The support evidence must be well-organized, insightful, and broad enough to cover all aspects of your topic sentence. Each segment should be relevant to your thesis statement, but each can be developed separately into an independent argument or explanation.

The support evidence comprises facts, personal observation judgments, and testimonies that make your research areas credible. To avoid going off track, you should give your evidence of support in roman numerals. However, most essay outlines have their evidence of support in paragraphs. Also, make sure to highlight specific terms, especially those not on similar topics.

Evidence of support makes the thesis statement flexible. It would be best to place it at the beginning of the thesis statement or the first paragraph. Remember, though, that it's not enough to state that you have evidence to support your argument. Ideally, you want to show this as well in the background.

In our example above, your support evidence should be a table of facts about the intervention efforts or intervention programs to stop youth gang activities. An example includes youth gang involvement statistics for a specific year or group. Also, remember to focus on putting the key points in their paragraph as this is an important element that guarantees the reader a logical order.

The Conclusion

Unlike the topic sentence in the first paragraph, the conclusion is the last paragraph in thesis outlines. Here, you should summarize your points and prove to your reader that you have a strong case for your thesis.

The conclusion of the thesis is important as it's a summation of what you have already said in the introduction and body. It makes a claim as to why this information matters or how it can be used for any education research.

A good conclusion will cause your readers to think about what you have written and why it is important, even after reading the entire piece. For example, in our arguments above, your conclusion for the topic of gang youth prevention and intervention programs should include a summary of how to stop youth gang activities.

You can end your essay by recommending further youth gangs intervention programs that are the most effective way to mitigate the menace. That can include sensitization or education in schools on the scope of gang youth effects in the present life.

How to Create a Quality Thesis Statement Through Own Critical Thinking

These three steps should act as excellent pointers into creating a good thesis that takes in critical analysis:

Create the main point

You can convey the main point through examples, explanations, quotes, or questions. The background information should inspire the topic you choose as your main point. However, it's helpful for your readers to keep the main crystal clear before beginning the writing process.

Come up with your own opinions

Your opinion about the topic can cover a wide scope of considerations. Factors that influence students when creating opinions include personal experiences, what you learned from books, and other examples from extensive research.

Support for your opinion

The support for your opinions is helpful evidence you plan to use in your writing. They can come from statistics, personal experiences, interviews with experts, or anything else.

How To Revise a Thesis Statement Outline

The thesis statement outline helps your reader get a full grasp of the research information effortlessly. For this reason, you should revise as detailed in the procedure below:

Step 1: Put the statement in one sentence. Make sure it is focused on the topic.

Step 2: Make a list of your supporting evidence. These are the information you will use in the body of your essay to support your argument.

Step 3: Add transition words, linking words, and phrases for a smooth read. Avoid mincing or rambling words or changing your directions abruptly.

Step 4: Revise your outline to ensure a clear structure of the main points and the subpoints throughout the piece.

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