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What is a case study? This is the first question you are likely to ask when you come across a case study assignment. Well, it is an assignment that has two concepts. The first one is based on the work case, which focuses on a problem, incident, or activity involving one or many people. The second concept is the margin of the case.

It includes the geographical location and the time when the case took place. To develop an impeccable case study, you have to use multiple sources when conducting your research. They can include qualitative data collection methods, such as documentation, interviews, or annotations.

Types of Case Studies

Before you embark on handling your case study assignment. It is a good idea to know which category it lies in to understand how to approach the question. The following are the three typical types of case studies.

Single Case Study

It is a kind of case study whereby you will focus on the area of concern when conducting your research. After completing the research, you should select a bounded case to illuminate that concern. It is an effective method if your assignment question requires you to study an individual or a single group.

Multiple Case Study

Just like in a single case study, you will also focus on the area of concern as you conduct your research. However, you will have to select several cases to illuminate that concern. Multiple case study focuses on giving a detailed understanding of more than the one provided by a single case study.

Intrinsic Case study

It does not have any similarity with either multiple or single case studies. It is a type of study that focuses on itself. In other words, the study is the primary interest in the research. An intrinsic case study focuses on the subject and the experiences that shaped them into who they are.


How My Homework Writer Can Help in Tackling a Cases Study Assignment

It is not easy to get conversant with case study research design and methods. The fact is a case study task is a tedious one. In most cases, you have to go through documents with more than twenty pages to get a glimpse of what the case is about and establish what went wrong so that you can present your case using factual evidence.
The only effective method to learn about case analysis is by looking at case study analysis examples. You can get case study examples for students here at My Homework Writer. The following is the tactic our online researchers use to approach a case study assignment.

Identifying the Problem Statement

Every case study is based on a case study problem. You can only understand the case analysis after you comprehend the case problem. This is because there is a relationship between the problem statement and the case being studied. The audience reads the case to identify how the two sections connect.

Refer to Previous Case Study Analysis

As much as all our case study ideas are original, we refer to previous case studies to comprehend other experts' case study thesis. If the case study at hand is a business order, we study the strategies the competitors are using to learn how other companies manage similar issues.

Compile and Write the Case Study

We compile all the sources at hand before we start writing the case study assignment. Merging different ideas enables us to come up with an impeccable case study. After we are done doing our homework, we begin writing the case study assignment. In every paper, we use the recommended case study outline.

We Can Handle Case Studies From Different Disciplines

A case study is a typical assignment in every coursework. Therefore, as long as you are in college, you cannot avoid writing a case study. Whether you are undertaking a course in psychology, IT services, law, nursing, or medical science, expect a case study assignment at one point in your academic journey.
We have writers skilled in writing case study assignments in various fields. They are also capable of writing a case study in numerous styles. Consequently, if you are wondering how to write a case study in APA or MLA, we got your back. You can also contact us today if you require a case study introduction example or case study interview questions. The following are some case studies we have handled in various disciplines recently.

Legal Case Studies

They are case studies that require previous historical judgments and verdicts to get to a conclusion. In this case, the solution responded should be a realistic one and should be based on factual resources. A legal case study can be about a property, tort, civil or criminal case. Our writers are familiar with various law sections and law sections. Therefore, they can come up with impeccable law case studies.

Nursing or Medical Case Studies

Most medical case studies are based on medical history, illnesses, and diseases. Our writers can write detailed medical history, elaborate patient symptoms as per the clinical standards, and the prognosis of the treatment at hand. If you do not know how to write a medical case study, contact us for immediate assistance.

Marketing or Business Case Studies

Professional marketing or business study is a case meant to compare the benefits of marketing team strategies. Our writers can provide a well written comparative case study on any business topic. All you have to do is place an order and inform us of the details of your assignment. We are always ready to offer a personalized paper in whatever case study method you would like.

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Online Case Study Assignment Help

Among other assignments, a case study can give you excessive pressure. For starters, you require adequate time to comprehend the case. As you know, time is an aspect that will never be enough for a college student.
You need time to attend lessons, extra-curricular activities and also be with friends and family. The only logical option is to look for online case study assignment help. Seeking professional assistance is the only way to pass, even when you do not know how to write case study.

Do You Offer Case Study Online Services?

Yes. My Homework Writer is an online company that offers assignment help to students in need. Our paper writing service provides customized cases study papers, among other assignments. So far, we are among the best essay writing service in the USA. Consequently, when you contact us, be assured that you are working with professionals.

Where Can I Get Affordable Case Study Assignment Online?

My Homework Writer offers a case study assignment at a fair rate. We understand that students are not working. And if they are, it is a part-time job which may not pay much. We aim to assist you and guide you to perform excellently and not to exploit them. Whether you need a quantitative case study or any other case study at a friendly price, reach out to our support team today.

Can Your Writers Offer Urgent Case Study Solutions?

Yes. In case you have a case study assignment due in a week or a few days, place an order immediately. Our writers have been offering assignment help for years. Therefore, they will not take long in writing a case study paper. We can save you from being penalized because of late assignment delivery.

What You Need to Know When Writing a Case Study Assignment

The Title

It would be best if you took the time to choose a suitable title for your assignment. In case you go for a very complicated title, you will not be able to deliver. On the other hand, if you choose a very common title, your professor will assume you are not creative. In case you have no idea of an appropriate case study title, look at our case study examples in the sample section.

The Introduction

This is the section that you make the audience aware of the purpose of your study. Nevertheless, you should not write a very detailed introduction and exhaust your discussion points. Instead, it would be best if you gave a general idea of your subject. If you want a well-written case study introduction, get our case study assignment help.

Identified Solution

You should start by identifying the problems being addressed in your study. They should be supported by factual evidence. After that, give solutions to those problems. Your study will only be credible if you can provide practical solutions to the problem at hand.

Relevant Theories

Do not hesitate to bring onboard theories that can help your audience understand the case better. You can get such theories by conducting extensive research. In case you do not have adequate time to research, seek our case study help. Our writers will identify interesting theories that will grab the reader’s attention.


A case study is not complete without a conclusion. This is the section you include relevant suggestions for your case. For instance, talking of people with the duty to implement the proposed solutions and when they should implement them. All along, ensure you are using factual and convincing information.


This is the last chance you have to impress the examiner. You should mention the data you used while writing the case study. This will be proof that you indeed researched to come up with the conclusion you highlighted in your case study.

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