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Have you spent time working on your assignment and now it’s time to proofread your work? So, you set up a time to go through your assignment, but you are not sure whether what you wrote was the right thing. Would be looking for a second opinion before you submit your homework? If you are in any of this category, then you need professional proofreading and editing services. Luckily, we offer proofreading and editing services at an affordable rate here at My Homework Writers.

Order Our Proofreading and Editing Services in Three Easy Steps

Upload Your Assignment

We can only proofread and edit what we can access. Therefore, as you place an order, you have to upload your content or the google document link and grant us access to edit it.

Proofreading and Editing

We will assign the work to one of our proficient editors. They will double check your work correcting and editing any mistake depending on your instructions.

Revise and Submit

After our editors have worked on your document, they will submit it to you. In case you would like additional changes you will request for a revision. We will do it without demanding additional payments.

What Does Our Editing and Proofreading Service Entail?


At times students use ideas that are not credible when writing assignments. More so, those facts that they may have heard their peers or friends talk about. In case one lacks a reliable source that can back up the facts, then that may discredit their work. Our editors go through your work to ensure that you have used credible facts.

Theme Focus

Often students drift away from the primary theme of their essay even after starting it very well. This might happen because of lack of enough content or poor concertation. Content that has not focused on the theme, will be irrelevant. As a result, it will lower your grades. Our editors can recognize this kind of mistake and can correct it, ensuring that your assignment is perfect.

Document Formatting

In every assignment, students should follow specified standards. This includes a recommended referencing style. In most cases, instructors are very picky if a student does not follow the instructions. At times they may demand you rewrite the entire essay. We are conversant with all referencing styles: APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. Hence, we can format your paper appropriately.

Spelling and Punctuation Checking

Spelling mistakes and improper punctuation displays you as an incompetent writer and a student who is not serious. That’s why, in case you do not have adequate time to go through your assignment, you should get our professional proofreading and editing service. We will go through your assignment ensuring that all words are written correctly, and all punctuation marks have been included.


At times students who can speak good English are poor at written English. This can happen even for those students who are native English speakers. If you present work that has been written in poor grammar, it will distract the reader form understanding the main points of your work. Eventually, performing poorly. Save your grades by getting our editing and proofreading services.

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What Is the Main Difference Between Proofreading and Editing?

For starters, editing services are more pricy than proofreading services. Nevertheless, you get better services if you request for editing services. For this reason, we recommend you get editing services instead of proofreading ones. But, if you feel that proofreading services alone can perfect your work, you are free to order them.


Basically, it is the last stage of any writing process. It is useful in correcting any surface error present in your writing. In most cases, it can be used to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.


Editing involves more work than proofreading. The main aim of editing is to improve the quality of the content. It involves getting rid of all errors, enhancing the use of the correct language and making phrases and expressions clear.

Why Students Seek Our Professional Proofreading and Editing Service?

Every day we get proofreading and editing requests such as proofreading and editing theology dissertation services and questions like do you offer cheap ending and proofreading help online services? We take pride in providing the best editing and proofreading help online services USA. Here are some of the reasons why we have thousands of clients paying for our services.

Insufficient Time

Time is a limited factor for all students. It is not easy to get time to attend all the lessons, research homework and proofread and edit your work. All these responsibilities are demanding a student’s attention results in a clash of priorities. The only way they can manage is paying an editor to proofread their assignments.

Free Proofreading Tool

We pass every content through our grammar checking tool. This enables us to correct mistakes that our editors may have bypassed or failed to recognize. This will enable you to submit an aced up assignment to your instructor. One that is not only written in proper native English but also that has observed all grammar rules.

We Are the Best

Proofreading and editing may seem easy, but not everyone can do it. And those who can do it, they may not do it well. The fact is a professional editor comprehends all the conventions of quality English. They are personalities who are trained to make an assignment better effectively. A professional proofreader will assist you in getting better grades.

Our Proofreading and Editing Services

Wondering what kind of assignment can our academic expert edit? The following are types of assignments we edit and proofread.



One of the most dreading assignments is coming up with a compelling essay. Every word in your essay should be placed appropriately. We can strengthen the ideas in our thesis by proofreading and editing the mistakes.



When you think about the research that has to be conducted to come up with an ideal dissertation, you can insinuate that it will require professional editing. Luckily we offer dissertation paper proofreading and editing service.



Whenever a professor gives you an essay assignment, they expect well-polished and quality content. Therefore, intense editing is very crucial for any essay you are going to write. Let us go through your work ensuring that all your arguments flow from one paragraph to the next.



Instructors assign you to write reports to access your mastery on a particular discipline. Therefore, in any report, you write, you should strive to show your professor that you have in-depth knowledge of the subject. Hiring a professional editor will help you ace your report.



Have been given an article assignment at school? Are you wondering if you have used the right structure any format? We can confirm it by proofreading your work. We can further edit any mistake we come across.


Research papers

Most time is spent on conducting research when writing a research paper. Eventually, one will be too tired to edit. That’s where we come in. we will take over as you take a breather. After that, we will submit well-edited and formatted content.


Business Writings

Do you need someone to edit and proofread your business document? We can do at an affordable price. All you have to do is talk to our support team and explain the kind of assistance you need.


Book Reviews

Have been assigned a book review by your literature professor? And you have completed it, but you require someone to ace up the grammar? Our professional proofreading and editing service can take care of that.



For you to come up with a summary, you have to spend time reading the article or story at hand. Eventually, you will be too tired to proofread your work. At such time our proofreading services will be very beneficial.

Perfect Your Assignment Using My Homework Writers Editing and Proofreading Services

Do you wish to submit superb essays? We can help you do that and much more.


We Make Your Work More Appealing

Once you contact our editors, we work to improve on your choice of words, structure and consistency. We ensure that your content does not contain any awkward sentence. Subsequently, as long as you have place an order, you should expect perfect content.

We Eliminate All English Language Mistakes

Spoken English is different from written English. Our editors work beyond their comfort zones to ensure that your content does not contain any errors. We do this by ensuring there are no misplaced commas, misused words or improper word order.

We Help You Tell a Clear Story

The only way you can good marks in essay writing is ensuring that you tell a clear story that has ideas flowing from one paragraph to another. Therefore, once you contact our professional proofreading and editing services, we will eliminate any inconsistency in your ideas.

We Offer Quality and Unique Paper Editing and Proofreading Services

The following are reasons why you should trust our editing and proofreading services.

Our Testimonials Tells It All

We have numerous positive reviews from students who have consulted our professional proofreading and editing services in the past.

We Offer Legit Services

We do not scum our clients or lie to them. We value our reputation. Therefore, we strive to protect it by offering legit services.

We Have a Simplified Ordering Process

In case you would like to order our proofreading and editing services, you can use the three illustrated steps mentioned earlier.

Our Clients Are Our Priority

We value our customers. Consequently, whenever you place an order, we treat it as an urgent task and deliver it within your specified deadline.

We Offer Affordable Services

Looking for cheap editing and proofreading help online services? Look no further, contact us at My Homework Writer, and we will charge fair rates.

We Offer Anonymous Services

Is it against the school code to buy proofreading and editing services? Worry no more! We do not disclose your personal information to third parties.

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You can make your essay stand out by hiring someone to go through it before submission. Do you know that at times we don’t recognize our own mistakes? Therefore, get a second opinion that will ensure your assignment is perfect before submission.
MD: Need professional proofreading and editing services? Our academic experts can perfect your essay structure, enhance your grammar and make your content clear.

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