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A thesis is one of the most challenging assignments. In most cases, it is a project that is based on an independent scientific study. Generally, it is a requirement for one to be awarded a degree. The assignment is meant to test the ability a student has to come up with an informative topic, use appropriate methodology to conduct research, and come up with a conclusion.
Professors and lecturers assign this project to examine if you can think critically and organize your research material. The thesis is one of the most critical assignments in a student’s life. If you find yourself struggling to complete it, you are not alone because thousands of students get overwhelmed by the same. For this and other reasons, we offer a thesis writing guide here at My Homework Writer.

What Is a Thesis?

It is an original research paper you are supposed to write to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired in your discipline. In most cases, a thesis assignment is given at the end of a degree course. Moreover, it is a compulsory assignment for degree certification. Most students view the exercise as a roadblock that they have to go through to attain their degree. We are here to make sure you will not go through the roadblock alone by providing thesis writing help.


A Thesis Structure

The following is the structure of an ordinary thesis.


It is the shortest section of a thesis paper. Generally, it an overview of what you will discuss in your entire essay. It is a good idea to write the Abstract last to highlight the vital points of your writing. Nevertheless, it appears on your paper's first page since it gives a synopsis of your research. The abstract makes the examiner aware of the findings they are likely to expect


A good introduction should answer the following questions

  • Why you choose to study the topic
  • Which methods you are using to research the topic
  • What the topic entails
You can indicate your interest in the topic you are studying and its relevance. Or, briefly explain the topic at hand. If you are not sure what you will write about, it is a good idea to write the introduction as the final bit. Moreover, if you have no idea how to go about a thesis introduction, contact our thesis writing services.

Literature Review

Depending on your instructor’s instructions, the literature review can be incorporated in the introduction. Other times it can be separate. A literature review evaluates previous research conducted on the same topic. It clearly shows the gaps that your thesis will try to fill. You can use the following tips to write an ideal literature review

  • Use numerous sources
  • Explaining both sides of your argument
  • Explaining everything in a clear structure


This is the section that illustrates the methods used to gather thesis research data. It includes how you analyze the data and why you choose that specific methodology. Moreover, it explains how the research method you choose is suitable for answering the question at hand. Additionally, the disadvantages of the approach you chose and how you tried to alleviate them. When you explain the pitfalls of your study, it gives you credibility. This is because it makes your instructor know that you are aware of the limitations of your research.


This is the section you explain in detail the finding of your study. Basically, it is the section that you should explain the facts you identified after you conducted the study. Nevertheless, you should not include your research analysis because this should come in the discussion section. It is a good idea to use graphs and tables to summarize your findings or compare data. They can help your instructor understand your findings better.

Discussion and Conclusion

Discussion is the section you illustrate our own analysis as well as interpret the data you found. It is an opportunity to show the examiner that you understood the results of your research and findings. The conclusion is the final and most crucial part since you highlight whether your study's objectives have been achieved. Additionally, you should indicate your learnings as well as suggest ideas for future research.

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Tips for Thesis Writing Practice

Even after studying hard for a career that you love, you might feel that a thesis assignment is an intimidating one. In such a case, professional thesis assistance can be your only hope. At times students fear seeking help so as not to be intimidated. But this is not always the case. When students contact us for support, we understand they do not have enough time to undertake the tiresome research process. The following tips can be useful to those who are considering seeking assistance in thesis writing

Do Students Require Custom Thesis Writing?

For starters, custom thesis writing can help you upgrade your performance. Therefore, if you have been struggling to get good grades on your own in vain, then you should not think twice about the idea. Moreover, it is not unethical to seek professional assistance when stuck with your assignments. Actually, it is wise since you are getting a solution to get a cutting-edge paper rather than struggle on your own and fail

Get Samples to Familiarize With the Required Format

If it is your first time to write a thesis, you are definitely not familiar with the thesis format. It is hard to learn the format from classroom books. This is because most of them are shallow and rarely give relevant examples. The only logical way to get useful services is from a reliable assignment assistance company like My Homework Writer. Here you will get top-notch samples that will help you familiarize yourself with the correct thesis format as per your instructor's requirement.

You Can Overcome Language Barrier Using Professional Thesis Help

In case you were not born or brought up in the US, UK, Australia, or New Zealand, you are probably not a native English speaker. Your professor will expect you to miswrite a thesis paper in English, just like other native speakers. You do not have to spend sleepless nights learning English. There is a better and effective option, which is looking for online thesis writing help from a reliable website. We provide thesis writing assistance for both international students and those originally from English speaking nations.

Seek Assistance if You Can’t Merge Ideas From Different Resources

You will require numerous resources when conducting your thesis research. If you have no idea how to get academic resources from the internet, then you will not be able to do a detailed analysis. This will result in a faulty thesis paper. Nevertheless, My Homework Writer is here to help. With our assistance, you do not have to worry about the best research method or where to get the sources. Our academic experts will do all the handwork for you.

Undergraduate Verse Post Graduate Thesis

If you came across a thesis assignment while undertaking your degree, you are likely to wonder if you will come across while pursuing your Ph.D. In case it happens, the most obvious question is what’s the difference between the two is. In both cases, the thesis shares a standard structure; therefore, it will require a similar logical approach. The difference will arise when you consider the purpose of the

Ph.D. Thesis Writing

In this level, the thesis should be an original piece. In most cases, it is considered a very crucial assignment that displays the learner's abilities hence considered when awarding scholarships. It tests the discovery of fresh knowledge, the formulation of theories, and the reinterpretation of known data. A postgraduate thesis requires you to demonstrate how you have mastered your literature skills and have enough evidence that the thesis is your own work. Feel free to contact us for Ph.D. thesis writing services.

Undergraduate Thesis

It is also a very crucial assignment since it contributes to the awarding of a degree. The paper is graded depending on the quality of research, presentation style, and the importance of its contribution. Moreover, the thesis is evidence that you can be able to conduct your own research under a supervisor and your ability to communicate the importance of your study. Therefore, just like the Ph.D. thesis, it will also require extensive research and the use of authentic sources.

We Provide Master’s Thesis Writing Services

Are you a Master's student? You do not have to look for Master thesis writing services desperately. My Homework Writer provides an impeccable thesis whenever requested. Our experts have specialized in offering thesis writing services in various academic categories depending on their experience and educational qualifications. For instance, postgraduate writers offer undergraduate writing services. In comparison, doctorate writers provide Master’s thesis writing services. Therefore, whichever level you are at, we got you covered.


My Homework Writer Free Thesis Services

Free Outline

Basically, an outline is a blueprint that one should follow when writing a thesis paper. We provide our customers with a free thesis outline upon requests to illustrate our skills and capabilities. Moreover, being familiar with a thesis outline is an essential aspect of every thesis expert. It assists a writer in developing a framework before embarking on writing the final draft. You can request our thesis outline to look at the structure we will use when creating your custom thesis.

Free Pages

As indicated on our price tables, we charge our customers based on the number of pages they request. These pages do not include the title page and the bibliography. As much as we may not charge to write these pages, we ensure they are formatted as per your desired referencing style. Some students ignore the value of a well-written title page and bibliography. Whereas these two may illustrate a clear difference between an excellent paper and a faulty one.

Free Proofreading and Editing Services

After our academic experts have written a personalized thesis, it is handed over to a team of skilled editors. Our editors receive the draft and edit it to perfection. We are aware that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can cost you a good grade. There are no professors who will view you as a serious student if you submit work that contains the same. Therefore, we edit your thesis paper to perfection, leaving your instructor with only one option to award you high marks.

Free Revisions

At times misunderstandings may occur, and the writer may fail to deliver as per your expectations. In case this happens, do not worry. Contact our support team and request a revision. Moreover, we offer more than one revision until you are satisfied. We aim to please our customers with the kind of papers we deliver. Therefore, if you recognize a problem, reach out. We will gladly correct a mistake, whether minor or major.

Free Samples

Most of our customers prefer to look at a thesis sample before ordering an assignment with us. Since we are a transparent company capable of producing impeccable assignments, we have no problem with this request. As a matter of fact, we have an example of thesis writing in our sample section. We understand that demonstrating expertise is an essential part of every portfolio, and we want you to have confidence with us even before you order your thesis paper.

Free Plagiarism Report

We take pride in our original work. Consequently, we provide a plagiarism report alongside your assignment as prove that it was written from scratch. That’s why we offer custom thesis writing services personalized per the client’s order. In this case, you cannot get a pre-written assignment. Therefore, you should order one so that it can be customized as your instructor’s instructions. At My Homework Writers, plagiarism is a vice that we cannot condone.

Free Formatting

We do not charge our clients to format their paper. We provide a well-formatted paper as to our client’s instructions. We are aware that a well-formatted thesis paper can display you as a credible researcher or a joker. We are here to ensure that your professor will commend you for your ability to follow instructions and provide consistency to your audience. Our writers are familiar with all forms of referencing and formatting style.

Professional Thesis Assignment Help

The most effective method to acquire a well-written thesis within a short period is seeking professional thesis assignment help. A skilled thesis writer will provide a high-quality paper that will attain high grades.

Who Can Offer Professional Thesis Help?

Thanks to development in technology, you can easily connect with a professional thesis writer in the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, it would be best if you were careful as you identify the ideal academic assistance company. The internet is full of swindlers who may not offer legit assignments. Settle for a transparent company like My Homework Writer, where you can get ideal services at an affordable cost.

Why Professional Thesis Services Should Be an Option for Every Student?

The truth is the academic system does not show compassion when you submit faulty work or miss the deadline. Students should follow all the instructions to come up with concrete evidence supported by relevant figures and facts. This is definitely a time-consuming process. With the current education system, students don’t have enough time to research. Seeking professional thesis help will be beating two birds with one stone.

Advantages of Hiring a Reliable Thesis Writing Company

Assurance of high-quality paper is the main advantage of seeking thesis assignment help from a reliable company. If you go for individual freelancers offering the same services online, you will not have someone to hold accountable if they do not deliver professional services. A company wants you to be a regular customer; therefore, there is no way it will disappoint by offering shoddy services. Actually, it offers free revisions and a full refund guarantee in case things go south.

My Homework Writer Thesis Standards

All our thesis assignments are written as per the following standards.

  • General forms as indicated in the thesis handbook
  • Proper references and in-text citations customized as per the client’s requirements: APA, MLA, and Chicago, among others
  • Clear illustrated table of contents
  • Use of professional language in native English
  • Ideal appearance and layer out
  • The recommended thesis structure
  • We further provide a thesis proposal if requested as well as indicate the list of topics

Why Trust My Homework Writer Services

For starters, we work with competent academic experts who are willing to offer affordable services to students worldwide. We stand out from other companies claiming to offer similar services by offering legit assignments. Out here, numerous swindlers will not hesitate to dupe unsuspecting customers. Majority of our clients have loved our religious commitment to time delivery. Once you place an order, you will have it within your specified deadline, no matter the urgency level.

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The claim that we provide the best thesis writing services in the USA is not a rhetoric one. We have been offering academic services over the years and created a niche as the top assignment provider. We have an easy ordering process. Actually, if you do not want to create an account with us, you can still order a thesis assignment. We will start working on your thesis immediately you make payment.

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According to research, a good number of patients suffering from clinical depression are Ph.D. students. This is mostly due to pressure from school work and other responsibilities. Do not forget that if you are stressed, you can’t function normally or perform in your exam. Let us make things easy for you by offering you thesis assignment help. You do not have to drain to stress when we are here and ready to offer assistance immediately; you raise the alarm.

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