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Pursuing an academic program that requires you to submit a dissertation paper can be very stressful. The fact is dissertation writing is in the category of the most complicated academic assignment. The only option that can help you manage such a situation is seeking the best dissertation writing services. You are among the luckiest students on the planet because My Homework Writers academic experts offer custom dissertation writing services.

5 Major Sections of a Dissertation Paper


It is written after the title and the acknowledgment page. In most cases, a dissertation abstract should be between 150 and 200 words. It is a very major section because it informs the audience of what the dissertation is about. It is like a summary of your research questions. Therefore, your professor can get interested or disinterested in your writing by just reading the dissertation. That’s why it should be well written. You can seek our professional dissertation writing services for a perfectly crafted dissertation abstract.

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After giving us the instructions such as the number of pages and discipline, the system automatically calculates our pocket-friendly prices. You will proceed with your preferred method of payment among the available means.

Research Questions

The research questions should be written in the introduction section of your dissertation. In most cases, they are the fundamental questions that were used when conducting research. Additionally, if you have exciting research questions, they will grab the audience’s attention. In case you play your cards right, this attention can be maintained till the end of your dissertation essay. You can get assistance in coming up with eye-catching research questions via our writing dissertation services.

Literature Review

Under this section, you are supposed to explain other people’s ideas and theories highlighting how they relate to your research. You must set adequate time to come up with a useful literature review. This is because you should compare at least ten sources of theories and models. The section is approximately 20% of the entire dissertation. In case you are too busy to give it the attention it deserves, get our dissertation writing services in USA.


Chapters are also very crucial when writing a dissertation paper. Each chapter should be written in reference to a particular topic. This enables your audience to go through an entire topic without being forced to read the entire desertions. Moreover, this will prove to your professor that you are an organized student. In case you are wondering how to go about this section, contact our Ph.D. dissertation writing services.


In this section, you indicated all the sources you have used to get ideas and theories for your dissertation. We usually advise students that it is good to write the references in alphabetical order. Additionally, they should also be written as per the writing style on the instructions: Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA. In case you are unfamiliar with a particular referencing style, do not hesitate to get our cheap dissertation writing services online.

How to Come up With an Appropriate Dissertation Topic

The most challenging task you are likely to face when writing a dissertation is coming up with the right topic that is related to your discipline. Read on and learn how you can come up with an ideal dissertation topic without much struggle.


Go for a Topic Related to Your Subject

Different topics are suitable for different disciplines. For instance, a topic that will be relevant for microbiology will not apply to IT. It is a good idea to get assurance from experts like My Homework Writers in identifying an ideal topic. This is because they have experience in providing the same and can provide good ideas.


Get a Topic That Can Attract Funding

It would be best if you settled for a topic that is likely to affect a considerable part of the world population, such as medical research and the latest technologies. Publishing such a dissertation can attract the government or corporates attention. Contact our education doctorate dissertation writing services and get unique and applicable dissertation ideas.


Do Not Copy-Paste a Topic

Your research idea should not be a photocopy of an existing research project. There is no way you can gain good marks by writing about ideas that have already been written since it may not add value to the research field. You can contact our dissertation paper writing services for authentic ideas.


Choose a Suitable Supervisor

Most academic institutions allow their students to choose the professor who will assess their dissertation. In that case, choose one who has extensive experience in the area. Moreover, it would be best if you went for one who supports your ideologies. This will make it easy to convince him to award you good marks in your presentation.


Get Exposed

Exposure from internship programs, workshops, friends, graduate courses, and seminars can help you develop excellent research ideas. Moreover, they can help you familiarize yourself with recent topics that have not been explored yet. You can also acquire knowledge in workshops that can be useful in conducting research.


Discuss With Your Peers

Even when you have been given similar assignments, everyone gets a unique perception of the topic at hand. In case you engage in discussion with other students, you are likely to add flavor to your ideas. Eventually, you will be in a position to come up with a refined idea of the research topic at hand.


Avoid Common and Overworked Topics

Choosing a common dissertation topic will lower your chances of acquiring a good grade. Moreover, a specific topic cannot acquire funding. It is an excellent idea to develop an ideal dissertation paper topic that will surpass the professor’s expectations, leaving them with no other alternative but rewarding you with good grades.


Ensure the Supervisor approves the Topic

Before you embark on seeking our top-rated dissertation writings services, ensure that the supervisor approves the topic, you are going to write about. This will help you avoid wasting money and time on a topic that may not be approved. It is also a good idea to start with a dissertation proposal; before embarking on writing the final dissertation paper.


Seek Help

You do not have to struggle with a complicated dissertation assignment. You should seek help from experts who will help you develop an ideal dissertation within your scheduled deadline. You can look at our dissertation writing services reviews and view testimonials from students we have helped in the past.

Importance of Writing a Dissertation Paper

Be Able to Showcase Your Knowledge

Writing a dissertation enables students to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired in class. A dissertation is a form of a test where your supervisor can gauge your skills.

Demonstrate Your Ability to Structure Your Thoughts

Students who can write an impeccable dissertation paper can structure their thoughts in a refined and efficient manner.

Demonstrate Your Ability to Make a Chance That Can Enhance Your Career

A dissertation helps you identify an area you are likely to pay more attention to in the future. The topic that you are going to research will highlight your area of interest as a student.

Helps You Develop Analyzing and Researching Skills

A dissertation is among the few assignments that will force you to conduct extensive research from different sources and merge ideas from different theories. As a result, enhance your researching and analyzing skills.

Helps You Understand the Subject at Hand Better

When you write a dissertation in a particular discipline, you will spend more time reading and researching. Ultimately, you will be able to understand the subject better.

To Get Better Grades

A dissertation is a part of your assignment. If you do it well, you will definitely enhance your academic performance. Are you looking for top dissertation writing services? Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Chief Research Methods Used When Writing a Dissertation

Basically, research methods are techniques that are used by academic students to gather information. These techniques enable a student to come up with an exciting and unique dissertation. Read on and get acquainted with some standard methodologies.

Conducting Interviews

Interviews fall under the qualitative research techniques category used when exploring groups or individual’s perspectives. An interview should be conducted intensively to find our ideas about a situation, people, or a program. The interviews can be classified into formal and informal interviews, depending on the nature that they are conducted in.

Conducting Surveys

In case you are planning to use a quantitative research method, conducting a survey can be a suitable method. Generally, it involves surveying a particular group of people with intentions to gather quantitative data. Surveys can be conducted on census, polls, market research analysis, and statistical reports.

Historical Research Method

It is the most common research method used when writing a dissertation paper. It involves carefully studying events that occurred in the past and coming up with conclusions. One can conduct research on documents, journals, articles, or books. In case you do not have adequate time to conduct historical research, you can hire our dissertation writing services.

Case Studies

It also falls under the qualitative research method. Under this methodology, one conducts research based on real-life scenarios. It is a suitable method when writing a dissertation in law, social science, and business fields. In case you lack the skills to conduct case studies, you can get our cheap dissertation writing services USA

Theoretical Analysis

It is a methodology that uses philosophical theories to implement critical exercises. As a result, one can come up with assumptions about society. In most cases, theoretical amylases are used when writing a dissertation in cultural studies, philosophy, gender studies, comparative literature, and English.

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