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Informative Speech Writer

It can be hard to come up with a funny speech topic. A good speech with an interesting topic will capture the listeners' interest and make them laugh. This might be your only chance to impress them, so you should try making your speech interesting by choosing the most effective funny speech.

People usually think that funny speech topics are all about comedy. That is not true. To keep your audience interested and boost your image, you need to present facts and information that are interesting and fun at the same time.

At My Homework Help, we have someone who can help you choose a topic for your informative speech. We will also help you write the speech and give you tips on how to do it well.

Areas to Pick Your Funny Presentation Topics

There are many different topics that you could use for a speech that will make your audience laugh. Here are some examples.

  • Bare funny facts

  • Stats of other countries

  • The funniest childhood memory

  • Professional life

  • The human brain and how it functions

  • unusual incidents

  • Long-distance relationships

  • Funny first date experiences

  • Successful career

  • Boring conversation on a first date

  • Job interview

  • Personal bloopers

  • How to choose friends

  • Funny holidays

Fun Informative Speech Topics for College Students

When choosing an informative speech topic, make sure it interests and benefits your audience. Just like any other informative essay, an informative speech can be educational or entertaining. You have to pick a topic that will impress your listeners and get them interested in what you have to say.

Here is a list of entertaining speech topics to consider when writing your research paper:

  • Ten fun things about a blind date

  • How to sample weird voice in pop songs sound for background music

  • The funniest amusement parks in the world, and why you need to visit them

  • The most profitable mistake every billionaire made

  • Why college students must learn about urban running acrobatics

  • The dumb things every silent woman makes

  • Saving money for dummies

  • Baby sitter crazy moments every homeowner should know

  • Funny computer terms for dummies

  • Is the girls room the reason many women marry fellow women?

  • How to avoid embarrassing body language during public speaking

  • Effects of slow internet and how to mitigate them

Fun Informative Speech Writing Process

Sometimes you are asked to write a funny speech for a presentation. Do a lot of work with keywords and synonyms to not repeat yourself and keep it interesting for the listeners.

Below is the step you need to follow to develop a persuasive speech that will keep your audience glued throughout the entire speech.

Brainstorm the Topic of Your Speech

When writing a speech, the first thing you need to do is what you will talk about. This may sound like an obvious statement, but many people don't think about it. It would help if you always had a topic in mind before writing your speech.

Research platforms such as YouTubes and brainstorm what the speech would look like. Think about the event's purpose and how you can tie your topic into the main idea behind the event. Once you've got an idea for what you're going to talk about, move on to step two.

Choose the Style of Your Speech

The first step in choosing your speech style is to ask for advice from someone who has experience in the field. For example, at My Homework Help, we have a team of expert speech writers who can give you a heads up.

Then, you can choose from three dominant styles of speech: narrative, descriptive, or persuasive speech. Each style requires different organization methods, so choose the one that best fits your topic. We recommend persuasive speech topics as they are the most popular.

Write the Outline of Your Speech

An outline helps you as a persuasive speaker stay on track with your message and prevents you from drifting off course when presenting. The outline of funny speeches is relative to how much information you want to deliver to the audience.

For example, you might list the topics you want to cover in bullet point format for an informal talk with colleagues. Conversely, if you're giving a more formal speech at a conference or toast at a wedding, create an outline that includes introduction, body, and conclusion sections where needed. Such a speech will earn you marks and guarantee academic excellence.

Write the Introduction of Your Speech

A well-written introduction should grab your audience's attention. It should be compelling enough that the audience will listen to the entire funny speech. The introduction shouldn't be long, but it should cover the main idea of the funny speech and provide background information.

Telling the audience what they will learn is a good way to gain their attention and provide them with direction for listening. A short yet specific description of what you plan to present effectively begins a speech.

Write the Body of Your Speech

The body of your funny speech should contain all information your audience needs to fully understand your topic. When writing this section, make sure that your sentences stay focused on one main idea and that none are extraneous.

It's not necessary that the body must be a funny story. However, it's important to include examples, funny facts, statistics, or other relevant details that support your principal argument or thesis statement. Follow the formats of informative speeches or essays to keep the humorous speech more engaging.

Write the Conclusion of Your Speech

The conclusion is the part of your speech where you summarize what you've said. You might want to remind the audience of what they've learned by restating your main point. You can also thank your listeners for their time, and mention that you would appreciate feedback about what they liked about the speech.

Proofread and Revise the Draft

Read your sentences aloud. They should sound natural and flow well. Doing this will help you identify mistakes that may not sound well during the presentations. You can even give the work to a friend so that they too can read and identify how the speech sounds when you're doing the public speaking.

Adding punctuation, inserting line breaks, indenting paragraphs, and making sure capital letters are used correctly can help your writing look more professional. In addition, making sure your statistics and supporting evidence related to the subject matter and are properly formatted and cited can help you make your argument more convincing.

How to Present Funny Speech Topics

Because a few minutes is not enough to deliver a speech, you should keep the information focused on the main topic of your informative speech. Here are some tips which can help you to make an interesting speech presentation:

Start Strongly

To build a strong connection with your audience, begin your presentation with an interesting story or joke which grabs their attention immediately so that they will no longer think about leaving until the end of the presentation. Make sure that you have discussed this story or joke previously.

Stay Calm and Connect with Your Audience

It would help to stay calm during your presentation to connect with your audience. Even if you feel nervous, try to hide it and show confidence when presenting. This helps your audience believe what you are saying.

Tailor Your Speech To Your Audience

Before making a funny speech presentation, know the audience's needs or expectations. To do this, ask questions and engage in conversation with them to know how you can better serve them.

Keep Your Presentation Simple and Clear

You should also make sure that your presentation is simple and clear so that it is easy for the audience to understand what you are trying to say.

How To Avoid That Most Embarrassing Moment During Funny Speech Presentations

  • Don't read directly from the speech since this may show that you don't have confidence in yourself.

  • Don't use weird body language such as scratching your nose or twitching your lips since this may distract your audience.

  • Avoid being defensive. Your audience may take this as a sign of taking sides due to a lack of self-confidence.

  • Don't make long pauses. Doing so distracts the audience and makes their concentration fade.

  • Choose your funny` topics carefully. Never tell a joke or story that may offend someone in the audience.

  • If you have to share personal stories and anecdotes during the speech, have your audience's permission first. Some people might not kindly have their private lives discussed in public.

  • Never force jokes and corny one-liners on your audience, as they may see no humor in them.

Hire Informative Speech Writer Now

At My Homework Help, we know how important it is to get the best possible grade for your informative speech. That's why our informative speech writers are experts in their fields with many years of experience.

They know what makes a great informative, funny speech and will follow your guidelines when writing one. Whether you need a college-level informative speech or one for a high school student, we can assist you. Call us today, and you can guarantee to get your paper done fast and right the first time.

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We have over 500 homework writing experts, ready and waiting to help you improve your writing skills